Known as the illegitamate love child of Pee-wee Herman and Barbie, “Showbiz Spitfire” Paige Turner is a staple of nightlife and cabaret throughout NEW YORK CITY. This tawdry blonde bombshell is known for her outlandish mayhem and foolishness and always leaves her audiences wanting more!  She is a 2 time Glam Award winner and a cast member of SHADE: Queens of NYC on the Fusion Network.  Paige trademarked the phrase “SLURP” which is also the name of her long running variety show now in its 8th year at Therapy Lounge in Manhattan 



She is the creator/ producer/host of NYC’s annual live drag reality show “So You Think You Can Drag” at New World Stages, which completed it's 8th and final year FALL 2017. Paige often performs outside NYC and tours internationally with her all live sung one woman shows and is currently touring in “DRAG ME TO THE TOP!"  She is headliner for Atlantis Events/Cruises.  Her hosting skills include an impressive roster of clients including Sony, Coca Cola, Netflix, Bravo, the Gap and Rite Aid, to name a few.  Paige is available for weddings, bar mitzvahs and private parties.  Look for her in a city or food court near you!